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This is the ultimate tour company that allows you to visit 6 countries of Africa, such as Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi, you will see 8 different lakes, and 8diffferent waterfalls and 5different museums including the genocide memorial center where you will get to know what happened in Rwanda during the genocide of 1994, a year in which 1 million people were killed within 100days. You will also get to experience what Africa is all about with the nature and species, some types of birds and primates like the famous Mountain and Eastern Lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, Angolan Acrobatic colubus Monkies, Golden monkies and so much more...Also you will experience the culture of people and be entertained by Intore dancers and Burundi drummers. we are experienced management team in depth knowledge of region's travel needs with an excellent relationship with the Government and specialized in every field where we provide experts to correspond according to the needs of our estimated clients at all times.

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We are a successful and reputable tour Agency founded and registered in Democratic Republic of the  Congo Since 2014, we offer tours and hotels reservations in Congo,East Africa and Burundi  with wide experience and commitment to provide safe, comfortable, unforgettable, enjoyable adventurous,..

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